Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney – Special Episodes #05 ~ Episode 5 – At The Market

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney - Special Episodes #05 ~ Episode 5 - At The Market

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney – Special Episodes #05 ~ Episode 5 – At The Market
Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney - Special Episodes #05 ~ Episode 5 - At The Market

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Character names.

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Special Episodes
Episode 5
At The Market


Played by ZSlyzer
Recorded using and Dxtory

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  1. THD says:

    Don't worry, Kira. Just get a new face if someone suspects you! Worked for that other Kira guy.

  2. WolfyGrace says:

    4:45 How do you think Carmine Accidenti feels!? Yeah, your name alluded to you being the killer, but Carmine's name is a pun off of him being in a car accident. He got into ONE accident and he was gone for the whole rest of the game.
    At least you had more than 3 minutes of screen time, honestly…

  3. LPgeneratorx says:

    4:35 That Death Note reference had me rolling. I'm guessing they were just referencing the fact that Kira sounds like Killer, but intentional or not, that was amazing.

  4. 1aundulxaldin says:


    "I'm sure the developers put a lot of thought into the names they came up with". 

    No. No, Espella. 

    * Looks over at Previous Ace Attorney games' character names * 

    Oh, and… take a nice long mouthful of your f*cking name.

  5. mas8705 says:

    Oh no!  The character have become self aware about their names being puns!

  6. Nielspiels says:

    I really did not want Emeer to get a happy ending…

  7. PikalaxALT says:

    NOW it makes sense.  "Kira" sounds like the Japanese "キラー Kiraa", which is a nipponification of the word "Killer".  In the Japanese release, her name is マーダラ・ボーゲン (Murderer Bogen).  A Japanese player with some understanding of English should be able to work out the wordplay.

  8. Aghlur24 says:

    why is that guy not arrested seriously

  9. D-Walker says:

    You know, other than just  "punching bag", his whole name purely says "a mere punching bag".

  10. DeepSearch27 says:

    No birthday party or Eve/Darklaw though?

  11. TechYoyo1 says:

    4:51 Actually, the first thing i thought was "Death Note"

  12. technopixie96 says:

    By this point I don't think there's a fourth wall left to break…

  13. Ellie F says:

    "A gentlemen should never ruin someone's dreams without a reason" he says with a cheerful look on his face. What worries me is those last three words. Something tells me Layton's crushed a few dreams into fine dust with a few well-chosen words that make it impossible to hate him for destroying your dreams with "a reason".

  14. Zatheres Vi Ravenloss says:

    Kira looks like she wants to make good on her name.

  15. chimanruler15 says:

    Not him again!

  16. Reprogrem says:

    One of those elves has a distinctive hairstyle…

  17. CrowMercury says:

    If Phoenix and Layton would have done to the wall of Labyrinthia just 1% of what they would have done to the 4th wall with this Special Episodes, they would have solved the mystery in an instant and found themselves with a lot of broken stones.

  18. NormanJR18 says:

    Emeer Punchenbaug = A mere punching bag. I am so thick 🙁

  19. Weston McKay says:

    "Sometimes, once you get to know a character by a certain name … no other name doesn't sit well"


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