Mario Kart 7 : Rainbow Road Theme (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

Mario Kart 7 : Rainbow Road Theme (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

Mario Kart 7 : Rainbow Road Theme (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)
Mario Kart 7 : Rainbow Road Theme (CarboHydroM guitar arrangement)

Title : Planetarium
Artist : Christophe Blondel (as CarboHydroM)
Release date : 2013
Original : Rainbow Road Theme, Mario Kart 7, by Kenta Nagata and Satomi Terui (Nintendo)

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This is my arrangement of the Rainbow Road theme taken from the soundtrack of Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS). It was originally written by Kenta Nagata and Satomi Terui for Nintendo.

I submitted this song to the Dwelling of Duels in June 2013, where it finally scored 2nd place.


  1. Super Luigi Lad says:

    Wow…..unbelievable. This has to be the best thing I ever heard…..keep it up! I love your music!

  2. Jack Benn says:

    how the heck can 7 people dislike this seriously

  3. Gabby Metcalfe says:

    amazeballs, that's all i can say

  4. Kai Hiwatari Is The Best says:

    For uploading this can you do the nightcore version

  5. Kai Hiwatari Is The Best says:

    This music ? is amazing ?

  6. Jason Beard says:

    Awesome version of Rainbow Road!

  7. Super Xavier Nintendo Gamer says:

    @3:06 Yeah!!! N64 baby!!!!

  8. Sketch TB says:

    This doesn't even sound like it's from MARIO! It sounds like something directly out of Life Is Strange! AMAZING JOB!

  9. Arik Soong says:

    first time I heard this righteous music someone else posted it. then they deleted it and I freaked out! couldn't remember who it was by. took over an hour scanning through rainbow road music but I found you! thank you so much! this music relaxes me everytime I hear it! its the greatest!

  10. Axel Burned says:

    This song just embodies the feeling of a bittersweet ending and looking forward to what lies next. <3

  11. Hardingella says:

    One of the best remixes I've ever heard, incredible!

  12. Jack Benn says:

    View 40,000!!!!!!!!
    btw CarboHydroMusic great work can't stop listening!

  13. Spicy Lizzard says:

    Still coming back to this song :,)

  14. joycelyn barrera says:

    This song has inspired me to try to revive roblox thank
    you chm thank you max or as I'm known on roblox factgiver2006 or fact

  15. R. pizzamonkey says:

    1:18 is so beautiful straight into high-energy rock

    I love it

  16. Star man04 says:

    I love the calm twist. I'm going to start listening to this in my sleep when my laptop gets back from the repair shop.

  17. Jmspeedy13 says:

    This song is just amazing… I have no words, it literally gave me goosebumps 🙂
    You really need to do the Mario Kart 8 Rainbow road now!

  18. Cochu U says:

    NB noticed. GG.

  19. ScottyMcGeester says:

    You have such a wonderful knack for arrangements. This literally gave me chills – eargasms.

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