Paper Mario: Color Splash Trailer – The Adventure Unfolds

Paper Mario: Color Splash Trailer – The Adventure Unfolds

Paper Mario: Color Splash Trailer – The Adventure Unfolds
Paper Mario: Color Splash Trailer – The Adventure Unfolds

Join Mario as he investigates the mystery of Prism Island and its vanishing colors

Paper Mario: Color Splash is available now!

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  1. Aiden Keene says:

    I wish this game and splatoon will be on 3ds soon

  2. Mr. Random says:

    Bring Super Mario Sunshine to the 3ds and I'll buy one

  3. Random Things says:

    Did the voice actor wanted to do this? His voice treats us like little children…….


    bad voice acting

  5. The Plush Squad says:

    Who would do that to a toad? Pretty much everybody.

    Y'Know… Because everyone hates the… Thing.

  6. Vincaithesans Heckno says:

    I don't care what other people think. In my opinion, this is my favorite paper Mario game so far. Come at me haters I dare ya.

  7. NinjaMaster909 says:

    I'm so glad this narrator doesn't actually appear anywhere in the game. Dear god, can you imagine if this narrator narrated literally everything in the game?

  8. Jaden Perry says:

    what Have they done with paper Mario color splash this game is basically the same thing as paper Mario sticker star and almost the only thing new is the to the combat system is the paint and… the new ally card? And they said new Characters and as teammates but there's only hauy or whatever

  9. Ragnar Ahlman says:

    This looks like a fun game tbh.
    Fite me

  10. Minty Hippo says:

    "There are many hizzards in the way"

  11. SceptileGaming81 says:

    One dark and stormy night, the voiceover went through puberty and his voice turned cringeworthy.

  12. Adambalm says:

    I wonder… how different would the reception of sticker star and color splash were part of a new spinoff not paper mario(Maybe called sticker mario).

  13. natendo8114 says:

    man this game is so good, I beat it!

  14. Kaan Oyunda says:

    Did you notice the painting at 3:22 ?!

  15. Mona Abdo says:

    "And use the Fire Flower against enemies weak to fire."

    Mario uses the Fire Flower on enemies that live underwater

  16. Raul Tovar says:

    Man am I the only one who likes this game so much even though I don't have the game

  17. Nto David says:

    Can't believe they "spoiled" the Lemmy fight theme.

  18. the nintendo gamer says:

    This game looks great !

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