Paper Mario Color Splash Review │ Splash, or Trash? (Or ‘Stache?)

Paper Mario Color Splash Review │ Splash, or Trash? (Or 'Stache?)

Paper Mario Color Splash Review │ Splash, or Trash? (Or ‘Stache?)
Paper Mario Color Splash Review │ Splash, or Trash? (Or 'Stache?)

Here it is. The game that made a million Paper Mario fans gnash their teeth and tear their robes in despair. We all know what Color Splash isn’t, but let’s take a look and see what it is.

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TWOOTER: @ArloStuff

“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.

“Pixelland” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Nowhere Land” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. Logan The Potatoe says:

    well my 7 year old brother was "tricked" into getting this because it had mario and that you could use paint (he has a questionable view of video games, but then again he is 7). This lead me to trying the game, and it's actually pretty fun! I personally don't find the battles that slow paced, and found a neat challenge in trying to use the least amount of paint in battles and managing your cards. The plot device of "get the thing to save the world" is pretty bland, but the dialouge and missions in order to get the thing are very charming, and fun!

    so now that you know arlos review is HIS opinion, and that you still have no idea if you will like the game, you all have to buy it now

  2. Richard Dawson says:

    its like the nintendo president didn't want this to be as good or as popular as the older versions of paper mario.

  3. GogupTheTaco says:

    A few questions: How does one time the action command for a thing attack? What part were you talking about when you said one thing took 20 tries?

  4. emerald editor says:

    Huh? I thought that in an earlier video he said he was done with the series, & now he's saying this new game is okay after all? What a traitor! If you can't trust Arlo to protest against the newer Paper Mario, who can you trust?

  5. Jordy says:

    It really doesn't make sense why Nintendo just doesn't make the new Paper Mario game like the first three (I liked Super Paper Mario.)
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  6. IronManx70 says:

    Now I'm curious how this game sold. If it made money, this could be what Paper Mario is from now on. If it doesn't, the series could get the Metroid treatment. Double edge sword : /

    Honestly even if this was the TTYD Mario RPG we all clamored for, chances are it'd be dead on arrival thanks to the Wii U being a poor system and practically ready to be retired for the NX

  7. Dadko says:

    0:30 Is that the actual title reveal in the game's intro? Hate to say it, but TTYD did it better…

  8. Ristar the Shooting Star (Jeremy Rasmusson) says:

    I have some ideas.
    Laminators. Printers. Scissors.

  9. Matthew Hogan says:

    Sticker Star actually looks a little bit cool, should I buy it?

  10. IkaGaming says:

    lets play a little game everyone! make a name for next paper mario game!
    Paper Mario: Time Gate
    idk if there is a fangame thats called like that… that could happen lol

  11. thespeedyyoshi says:

    So how do you make the puppet work? Like actually, you can make the hands move and do motions AS WELL as make the mouth move at the same time. I'm kinda curious.

  12. Amethystlicious says:

    Oh… Sigh… Now I'm being the one who have an unpopular opinion about this game… Still hate it, hate it so much… The battles still pointless… The Things are still annoying… The backtracking "fun"… The Toads… The papery graphic (yeah, I hate it)… Long long animations and cutscenes…Minigame overs… The paint… The battle being annoying… I just want Paper Mario series to end… Or a remake of the old games…

  13. princeofhalcyon says:

    Next up is Clay mario
    it probably is. watch.

  14. TheBagelragel says:

    I'll never forgive this game for saying "fam"

  15. honeylion07 says:

    is that the cookie monsters little brother? not to be offensive, just asking

  16. Mayson Vanegas says:

    Heeey a channel on the rise ! Sesame Street/Gaming feel I fucking love it .

  17. Zanetendo Baland says:

    Hi, Katen!

  18. Earthbound Lord says:

    okay heres a way how to fix the battle card and sticker thing, so everyone knows how you have a basic jump and hammer make those useable at any time and the power of the basic can be leveled up, but for the stickers/ cards you touch the hammer and card together to use that sticker.

  19. Ultracraft Central says:

    Great job with this vid! You earned yourself a sub!

  20. CountofBleck says:

    Why are all the comments here so negative? Arlo didn't hate it, it got a solid 4/7. Remember how Splatoon got a 5/7? Chill out, geez.

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