NINTENDO NX VS PS4K / PS4.5 | Nintendo News

NINTENDO NX VS PS4K / PS4.5 | Nintendo News

NINTENDO NX VS PS4K / PS4.5 | Nintendo News
NINTENDO NX VS PS4K / PS4.5 | Nintendo News

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  1. Llicac Seaeol says:

    I better see the nx doing quantum computer level stuff,I'm talking 1000TB 1000GB ram stuff lol, just kidding, I hope its better than the ps4k in terms of line up, specs, and quality, please don't rush into it Nintendo! Take your time and perfect this system, ignore the people bitching that they want it right now, bring us a Nintendo DS x1000 success "console" aka quantum computer lol

  2. Son Of A Mitch says:

    wiiu can play wii and thats a huge backlog but it didnt help

  3. Son Of A Mitch says:

    wiiu can play wii and thats a huge backlog but it didnt help

  4. Son Of A Mitch says:

    wiiu can play wii and thats a huge backlog but it didnt help

  5. Kushina King says:

    Nintendo nx is gonna be kiddy for kids…

  6. joseph Friesinger says:

    lol Nintendo is shaken up the gaming world Xbox and ps fan boys are shaken in the boots mock my words Nintendo will hurt Microsoft so dam much Microsoft will be like Sega and Atari both off those companies are making games on there revels console so will Microsoft be next

  7. M Sharyko says:

    Good video man ????

  8. Kimberly's Mind Storm says:

    These video game systems have the worst names. They should give some name choices and let game players vote on the new names. The new Zelda game looks beautiful. I'm excited about a female Link/main playable character. Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the most beautiful ever made.

  9. dashedreams says:

    is no one worried ps4 games if they go 4k will cost more ? I'm pretty sure they came out and said they are doing 4k streaming service to rent a movie will be 30 dollars.its too soon for probably won't even be true 4k that would cost too just has to be a bit more powerful at most.most people can't even afford a new UHD tv.Too much why alienate the market ?

  10. flyback777 says:

    I hate the resolution and fps war .. I actually hate to live in a world where GTA and COD are the best selling games. People care too much about resolution and fps and not even about if the game is good or if the artwork is actually beautiful. They should buy a PC … However, I like to live in a world where the DS is the best selling system ever and the 3ds is doing pretty good. A lot of creative and fun games, rpgs and diversity.

  11. Defualt says:

    if the ps4k or whatever it will be called it's gonna be more powerful than ps4 then it will aslo start from scratch IF they fragment their userbase from ps4k to ps4 and basically it will be a new console.
    but IF they don't(which they should not) the it's totally fine th NX becomes slighty better than the ps4 as long as the price is right.

  12. James Braxton says:

    new rumors suggest it is around 3.2 tflops and ps4k is around 3.5 tflops so if rumors are somewhat true they will be pretty close

  13. Titanfall222 jorge says:

    PS4K is not going to have 40 million userbase from start and 3rd party are not going to abandoned ps4 and if Ps4k happens.. Ps5 is not coming until 2020….. Its not going to harm NX at all…

  14. michael foster says:

    I disagree to a point. the graphics jump won't be nowe here near as big. so you would be wasting money trying to jump generations spec wise. what the nx needs is stronger 3rd party exclusive s that speak to bring in the other so called hardcore crowd. and consistent 3rd party support.

  15. The emerald squid says:

    Why…..why would they name it the PS4K or PS4.5?

  16. jordan dewever says:

    I think if the Nintendo NX isn't as powerful as other consoles, Nintendo would have a hard time getting users, unless they have very well done games. But; even if the NX is more powerful than the PS4 they would have to have 3rd party support.

  17. jordan dewever says:

    Great video as always!

  18. Blurryface - EP says:

    Am I ready for the future of Nintendo? no, but that ain't gonna stop me from getting an NX

  19. GameOver Jesse says:

    I hope its on par with the PS4k or else Nintendo will have yet another underpowered console.

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