Nintendo NX – 3 Essential Launch Games!

Nintendo NX - 3 Essential Launch Games!

Nintendo NX – 3 Essential Launch Games!
Nintendo NX - 3 Essential Launch Games!

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OJ discusses three essential launch games the Nintendo NX needs to have!
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  1. UglyCasing says:

    ANYTHING BUT MARIO, nintendo focuses too much on mario and yes I know he's the face of Nintendo but that also feels like nintendo gets lazy in creating new IP's and don't have to make them in order to focus on mario.

  2. Sean Maguire says:

    I doubht a "Mature" Title is in the running, Nintendo builds games around the concept Gameplay Design and then a narrative stuck on top. In my opinion this is a superior Design Philosophy to what the rest of Industry tends to use. We've seen Nintendo attempt a shooter and we got Splatoon, I think if there are gonna be any "Mature" titles they'll most likely be JRPGs or something from Retro Studios.

  3. Rhansley C (Rhansley64) says:

    I'll have you know that A link Between Worlds counts as a mainline Zelda game, so it's been 3 years and not 5 since we last saw a mainline Zelda that's not a spinoff or remake.

  4. Bruce Smith says:

    A fast and frenetic first-person mainline Metroid with Samus as the main/playable character. Tons of exploration, upgrades and no Sakamoto script about newborns would be great.

  5. Chloe Nakahara says:

    2:55 Wind Waker from Gamecube Is the best Zelda game!

  6. Shattered Sentient says:

    What game is that the shooter.

  7. Joshua Sanders says:

    what game is he playing near the end?

  8. Jarret Karlson says:

    New Punch Out game with realistic graphicsExcitebike game like Mario maker but crazy 2-d graphicsLuigi's Mansion 3 fo' sho

  9. MalachiCo0 says:

    3:25 Um… Link Between Worlds?

  10. Robert Ware says:

    1st they take the obvious approach and duel release Zelda as wii u and NX. 2nd they surprise everyone by throwing the fireball throwing plumber into his most expansive role yet in the NEW series Super Mario Universe. Lastly they roaring tiger hidden throat punch everyone and give them a roundhouse kick to the back of the head with the biggest announcement that blindsides everyone!! It was a ruse. Nintendo threw up huge ball of smoke and giant mirrors and they launch with an exclusive Silent Hills: PT as their 3rd big boy title. Just dreamland.

  11. Bahrakus says:

    Metroid! This is what I would like to see at launch. Love the series. Didn't really love Other M though.

    Also, maybe a game similar to kingdom hearts but with Nintendo Ip's. Give Square the freedom so come up with something. Mario RPG was pretty cool. I really like RTS type games maybe something like that. Just throwing things out there.

  12. Christian “Chris” Gonzalez says:

    I want to buy it with Zelda, a new Metroid, a New 3D Mario, Luigui's mansion, and a tomb raider exclusive game though is not likely

  13. Blood Dragon says:

    They need to launch with a Mario game, and he has to do something new. Like they said they always reinvent Mario and make him take on a new role and thats what I like to see. Mario is their Mickey Mouse so they definitely need to that right.

  14. Ryo hazuki says:

    agree with you completely on this video brother.

  15. Jonnie Sortino says:

    metroid prime federation force hype! ????

  16. False Facade says:

    A huge Monster Hunter Game for the NX!

  17. Imaminimonstertruck says:

    LOL! Ok calm down OJ don't get your warp pipes in a bunch.

  18. TwilightWolf032 says:

    What I want to see on the NX:

    -Super Metroid NX: Other M Never Happened;
    -Fire Emblem Tellius Saga with updated mechanics;
    -The Legend of Zelda U/NX;
    -Pokemon Sol/Moon HD;
    -Tales of Symphonia: A True Remake, Not A Lazy Port;
    -Star Fox: Something Different From 64;
    -Splatoon (could be a port or a sequence, I don't care which).

    That and more third party support. When the PS4 and Xbox One launched, I couldn't care less for third party games, but now there's some really good stuff coming out. Nintendo needs to grab those titles! Especially Tales of!

  19. ThoseKokiriKids says:

    Someone finally gets it.
    The next market that close to Casual is the shooter market. Nintendo needs to make a Call Of Duty Last Of US western type game. Everyone plays those.

  20. Julio Toledo says:

    3rd party 3rd party support they need it. and nintedo fans need to support it

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