NX Launch Titles Leaked? – The Know

NX Launch Titles Leaked? -  The Know

NX Launch Titles Leaked? – The Know
NX Launch Titles Leaked? -  The Know

Hey more Nintendo NX rumors, this time its launch titles. Will the NX launch lineup be full of Wii U ports? New leaks suggest it will.


Written By: Eddy Rivas
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins & Meg Turney

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  1. spacecoke says:

    Another video where thet "KNOW" fuck all so just talk rumours….

  2. madmoblin says:

    My leaked list of NX games: (Titles not final)

    New Super Mario Bros NX
    Mario Party 11
    Super Smash Bros NX
    A Zelda Game
    A 3D Mario Game
    A few Mario Sports Games
    A DKC game
    And a one off revival of some old game series

  3. ludin valencia says:

    why can people just wait and see on e3…

  4. ShadowFalconPictures says:

    What a heck is Metroid?

  5. Andrew “ArrowRend” Orr says:

    How can you guess the launch titles when no one can guess the machine lol? I'm going to blow some minds here but why don't we just … like… wait. I think 'the Know' knows sod all.

    It should be called 'The Guess'.

  6. Kisai Yuki says:

    Considering how well the Gamecube and Wii emulators work on a mid-tier x86 CPU already, I imagine that Nintendo would have an easier time with backwards compatibility, and since they have access to their own titles, they could just recompile their own games if they change CPU types. The PS3 is an absolute mess to provide backwards compatibility for without at least an 8-core CPU, and even then you're lucky if the programmers didn't do any clever hacks.

    That said, who says they are going to switch to x86? They could just as easily switch to ARM like they already use on the GBA/DS/DSi/3DS/new3DS. They could also pull an Apple and make use of similar 64-bit CPU+PowerVR GPU cores. After all the iPhone 6s is supposedly as powerful as a mid-tier desktop/high-end laptop and 1/3rd of the price of a mobile phone is the radio licencing.

    The reason they likely won't be continuing with PPC arch is the same reason Sony and Microsoft aren't. IBM isn't producing any off-the-shelf console chips (in fact they are only producing POWER8 and POWER9 (in 2017) chips that aren't suitable (96 threads anyone?) for games, which top out at 1 CPU core for game logic and push audio and networking to another core, perhaps using a third core for video encoding to stream to twitch or youtube.)

  7. James Stinedurf says:

    if they're releasing the games for the NX does that confirm the system won't be reverse compatible?

  8. clutz5991 says:

    I have a WiiU because, despite it not having a lot of games, what it have is GOLDEN. Splatoon, Zelda WW & TP, Star Fox, Bayonetta 1 & 2, Mario Bros U, Mario Maker, Mario 3D world, Pokken, Mario Kart 8, soon the new Zelda…

    Like I get why people are disappointed in WiiU, but seriously the things it has are perfect. I've had fun and I got it this year… no regrets. I will, however, be annoyed if Zelda Wii U is ported to the NX just because it will feel like a slap in the face seeing as I bought WiiU finally because Zelda is coming out for it.

  9. Ean Nicholas says:

    Actually… take the 3rd party thing with a grain of salt! We need 3rd party games at launch! As matter a fact, take everything with a grain of salt! But what I think is that we will get those Wii U ports on that NX BUT not launch titles. We might get those ports a year later, a couple years later, like that.

  10. Scotland Dobson says:

    New Zelda game, and I don't have to buy a Wii U? Frik, I'm sold!

  11. ZeroKami86 says:

    Splatoon is garbage, easily the most over-hyped game I can think of

  12. Dercio Silveira says:

    these woman dont like gamers…

  13. Kimberly's Mind Storm says:

    I like to know new Nintendo news! I'm excited about a female Zelda, a new Mario leveled game, and it would be nice to have a Skylanders or old school Bubble Bobble game. Having games like The Last of Us, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Shelter would be awesome too.

  14. Tan San says:

    metroid thumbnail, gritted through 7 minutes of ear-cringy noise for no mention of it
    wasting time since 8 minutes ago

  15. thunderlord2200 says:

    sad part is the ps4 is using old teck as it is this NX will be less powerfull then the 4.5… i might get thr nex if itss cheap enough cz i want to play the new zelda.. i love open world games..

  16. Braderzgaming says:

    Crap load of ports from Wii u
    There's only 4
    I want Mario kart 8 to run on the NX engine
    Supposedly being better than the PS4/ Xbox one

  17. Fernando Godinez says:

    People be tripping about the Wii U…to me the Wii U was like an expansion to the Wii…just like the N64 expansion pack and the Sega 32x/sega cd…all companies do this but in different forms…expanding the Wii s life was a great idea and now gave Nintendo more time to create their next great console…the Wii U as a beta they will use the best features from the console the screen on the controller, the pro pad, and integrate them to the NX and make a more unique game friendly to all experience…i hope…

  18. Chris Moses says:

    The huns reference won me over!

  19. cuckoomusic says:

    Ports at launch sounds good for early buyers who would hold off buying either the Wii U or the NX until more titles had been launched. I'd be interested in the NX, knowing that I can play most Wii U titles. There are a bunch of really great Wii U titles out there, but I've held off buying a Wii U knowing that the NX might be just around the corner.

  20. Ricck Martinez says:

    God ! They are fucking annoying

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