Nintendo NX HITLIST – Kid Icarus NX

Nintendo NX HITLIST - Kid Icarus NX

Nintendo NX HITLIST – Kid Icarus NX
Nintendo NX HITLIST - Kid Icarus NX

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OJ breaks down hits wants for a Kid Icarus game on Nintendo NX!

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  1. TheVideoGamHer says:

    I loved this game so much. It'll be a shame if we don't get another one.

  2. Scott Hopkins says:

    Just said I aint getting an NX if it doesn't have new games like Smash Bro's, Mario Kart and Splatoon but Kid Icarus Uprising is my favourite non Pokemon/Mario Kart 3DS game and I am waiting for more. I would probably get on just for this so I am hoping they don't release this but not other good games x'D

  3. H Cortes says:

    This is a franchise I'd really like to see become a staple franchise again for Nintendo it has so much potential to be a great action/platforming style game which Nintendo needs!

  4. xxotakuchau xx says:

    How about first-person mode during air battles?

  5. Jarret Karlson says:

    cool vid, I wonder if any 2-d games will be on the nx

  6. Michael Wilson says:

    I would be hyped to see a new storyline on the NX.

  7. Jimi Gebicker says:

    I still need to pick up a copy of Kid Icarus Uprising. Never got around to it but I'm starting to collect for my 3DS collection. Just got my copy of Bravely Second Collectors Edition in. So excited to play the sequel! Plus the Art book is truly AMAZING!!!

  8. Matthew Cangelosi says:

    Put Bayonetta 3 on this hit list please

  9. Jacob Stafford says:

    Kid Icarus Uprising is my favorite 3DS game. I would like to see new weapon types like spears. I like your flying idea, but unless Palutena figures out how to grant Pit the power of flight with unlimited time, the flying would be limited.

  10. RetroDeath says:

    Improving the formula? Heck, I'm still hoping they'll go back to the original vertical platforming from the original two games.

  11. Hatake86 says:

    Do you think we see Dark Souls or Bloodborne type game on Nintendo NX from " From Software"?

  12. Omar Ortiz says:

    Honestly, I really like the stylus control because it's the closest thing to a mouse control. Plus it made for quick turns and precise shooting.

  13. Matthew Pipes says:

    Is Kid Icarus even any good?

  14. WiiSage says:

    i thought sakari wasnt part of nintendo anymore but just did work in smash 4

  15. OmegaMetroid93 says:

    Kid Icarus Uprising is in my top 3 games on the 3DS. It's SO GOOD.
    If we got a sequel, I would be SO happy about that. That is the number one game I'd like to see from Sakurai moving forward.

  16. TheOhNoBro 0 says:

    I actually liked the controls and think it would feel weird using and analog stick, the touch screen camera controls let you turn around really quickly and made the game a bit more fast pace. I honestly don't know how analog stick would be better in anyway but I mean, it's worth a try, right? well great vid and keep up the good work homie!

  17. Moran Sorgec says:

    Great video man i feel like everyone forget about kid icarus

  18. mastermp2 says:

    What about "Fire Emblem Warriors" for the hit list

  19. mastermp2 says:

    Nice suggestion.

    Gonna add it to my Bingo card

  20. Erick Maverick says:

    Cool intro, dude. As much as I would like to have a sequel to Kid Icarus, Sakurai said himself that its unlikely. I don't mind having a port of Uprising with added features on the NX, though. But, then again, Sakurai does work in mysterious ways, so only time will tel…

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