Nintendo NX System Rumors – #CUPodcast

Nintendo NX System Rumors - #CUPodcast

Nintendo NX System Rumors – #CUPodcast
Nintendo NX System Rumors - #CUPodcast

Nintendo NX rumors have been leaking lately from a reliable source.
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  1. bomb00000 says:

    2016 the oddball of a year for Gaming I calling it now

  2. SlenderEnder says:

    I like that Butters plushie

  3. Alexandra Bernal says:

    if this comes out soon when should I still get the Wii u

  4. J o n a t h a n says:

    could the system be like plugged into your electric socket and the game footage be run through the electric in your home and you be able to play the game every where in your house.

  5. galaxymaster says:

    Im so afraid this will end up as a digital only console or they fuck up the storage part again like with the wiiu. I love my wiiu. Hell its the best nintendo system since gamecube (both sold shitty yes) and I'm sad to see it go. Now I'm really nervous if this new system will just die because its too late

  6. galaxymaster says:

    Ian needs to step up his cam game

  7. SpengRob says:

    Actually, Nintendo's backwards compatability started with the DS playing GBA games.

  8. Noah Zahradnik says:

    If the rumors about the dev kits and how easy it is to just put in your coding, alter some control prompts, and watch it run w/ very similar performance, if not the same performance, on PS4 or XBONE, I think the idea of carts aren't entirely out of the question. SD cards are cheap now a days, and if Nintendo has written a program like the 3DS' cart reader, but links it to what essentially is a beefed up emulation station and has it read the data on the cart (most likely the largest cart size would be 64 GB, which is enough to run PS4 ports of GTA V, Battlefront, Arkham Knight, etc.), it might work. All it needs to do it read the data, no?

  9. Mar'yan Babyk says:

    it's not the first time Pat suggested he and Ian should make out ;)

  10. Geoffrey Zoref says:

    8:10 I know the game sucks but what about The Order: 1886

  11. flappy188 says:

    does patty have torette? (being serious)

  12. emailtc tc says:

    Nintendo is buying out Microsoft Xbox one , and putting there label on it lol

  13. Sirikazy says:

    is a vr set….

  14. Sirikazy says:

    awake? come on…. handheld with the power os xboxone…..? looool

  15. Michael Burke says:

    The power of a console isn't dictated by the storage medium. A BluRay disc holds about 50GB, is cheaper to make than a 64GB SD Card (for example), but it can't compete on read/write times and speeds.

    Furthermore, the PS2 continued to receive 3rd party games up until 3 years ago.

    Let's move away from the graphics power/disc storage/newer is better band wagon and embrace the future.

  16. Clayton170 says:

    Im becoming a fan of u guys slowly. I need to watch a couple of more vidz to see if i wanna subscribe but all i have to say for this video is 3 more months till E3 all our answers will soon be answered.

  17. francesseven says:

    Flash storage would be the best physical media IMO. For starters it's not that expensive anymore. Also, optical media is so out of date anyway that games delivered through these media have to be installed to a hard disk so you're pushing the problem forward: either you have a slightly more expensive game media to support direct play from the media or you put bigger and bigger hard drives in the consoles to support installation which will never support the entirety of most people's libraries anyway so you still have to deal with the hassle of storage management which is eliminated if all your games reside entirely on the game media. It also brings me to my biggest point: having the game reside on Flash storage actually allows the updates to be patched directly to the game media which means that your updated game is essentially available forever. One of the biggest complaints I hear about gaming these days is that if the day one version has a game breaking bug and you need an update to fix this and you replay the game in 20 years when the update servers are out of commission then you're shit out of luck forever. Not so if the game media can be updated as it evolves.

  18. justinabsentia says:

    A nice samsung 64 GB SD card is $20 right now. The problem with the current generation of consoles is that they were way underpowered, YEARS AGO, when they were released. Now they are lagging WAY behind PC's. That's why you hear rumors now of a PS4.5 and the Xbox One being upgradeable. I'm was happy that Firaxis released XCOM 2 on PC only, and didn't compromise by making a shitty port for console.

  19. Gaming Nerd1993 says:

    I agree you don't want to fuck over the military no and ifs or fucking butts sauces about it. hell in 10 -20 years we may have 2TBs of storage will be extremely portable in the form of Mirco-SD cards.

  20. Gustavo Valdiviesso says:

    Ian, SanDisk makes the cartridges for the 3ds and they announced a 200GB SD card, a year ago. Optical media is obsolete.

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