Top 10 Things Nintendo Needs To Do With The NX

Top 10 Things Nintendo Needs To Do With The NX

Top 10 Things Nintendo Needs To Do With The NX
Top 10 Things Nintendo Needs To Do With The NX

Nintendo may be gaming giants, but they don’t get everything right with their home consoles. Join as we countdown our suggestions on the Top 10 Things Nintendo Needs To Do With The NX. Just to be clear, this list isn’t meant to be blind criticism to Nintendo or the Wii U. As while it may not have been a mass seller, there’s no denying its first party lineup is top notch. This is just a bit of constructive criticism going forward.

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  1. Leo Darkside says:

    I agree drop the Wii and go with what was once king, Plan "NINTENDO 2000", The "N2" for short .
    And One thing they have to add no mater what,…. "Online Chat"

  2. Xannari Ferrows says:

    Never once is it a thing that Nintendo should do to make a multitasking console. Sure, the addition of Youtube and Netflix support was nice and all that, but remember you saying "a console is only as good as the games it can play." Indeed. Nintendo consoles are the consoles you buy for the quality games; not the ports or the built in applications. You get them for the fun, artistic games that make you say "wow" over and over again.

  3. Pokewilson Plays says:

    The NX is going to have better graphics than the PS4

  4. Andrew Feistner says:

    nothing about continued amiibo support? smh

  5. Thejanos27 says:

    Virtual reality would be great for metroid

  6. avanish singh says:

    nes is making super mario maker for 3ds also

  7. Sterkriger says:

    by the standards of this video the nx will cost 1000 usd

  8. Paul Hall says:

    The Wii was shit. The Wii u is worse. Nintendo are now too focused on gimmicks. What will the next Nintendo console do? Have a 3d headset? Oh forgot they already did that. Nintendo just need to fuck off the gimmick shit and get back to basics.

  9. Dylan Wong says:

    When's the nx coming out?

  10. LightLazer VGCP EDCP OWN says:

    nintendo should improve their battery life because it lasts 3 and a half hours

  11. PokeMaster22222 says:

    "A massively expanded back catalogue of retro games"
    …You do realise Nintendo most likely has both Sony and Microsoft beat on this front, right? The Virtual Console has a TON of games available, including Super Mario World (shown).

  12. Link2Hyrule25 says:

    Moving away from the 'Wii' brand is a good idea. I for one think they should go back to the 'Nintendo Entertainment System' and 'Famicom' brands, as the names are much more fitting nowadays than they were back in the '80s and '90s, since today's consoles actually encompass all entertainment aspects and are more computer-like than ever. If they do go back to that, then they should officially name the NX the Famicom/NES 7, as it's their seventh console.

  13. Declan Chorley says:

    I think they should make an official amiibo game.

  14. Captain Clutch 2 says:

    10. Change name
    9. Normal controller
    8. VR
    7. Looser let's play restrictions
    6. Larger Hard Drive
    5. Graphics on par with competition
    4. Stronger launch lineup
    3. Good ports
    2. New IP's
    HM. 4K, Achievements, Bluray, No region lock, more retro games
    1. Better online

  15. Jason Mendez says:

    Graphics are fine, but they don't change a thing if the game is crap.
    Achievements? Why would you want that?
    The only real thing Nintendo needs for the NX is to have good launch titles and continue with good games as the first year progresses. Look at the 3DS, started off badly but then got some amazing games. To summarize this, the sooner games are released for a new console the better.

  16. T@wesomE says:

    Nintendo unfortunately lives in a world of the past,where things was much simpler without the people WANT AND WANT etc.Today with the internet you see people see something and ask for more and they just can't keep up with the newer crowds as they used to.Nintendo started as a company that created card games stuff and then released consoles like nes that they show it to the world as a toy not a videogame.And todays people don't actually play with toys,and the todays people even the smaller ages will say toys? I don't want toys but a videogame since i stoped playing with toys from my 2! Those days mostly the grown ups playing and collect trinkets like that not the big kids right? Or the amiibo's was the answer to the grown ups as well from nintendo since they couldn't aproach the more mature audience? The times have changed lets face it but nintendo must change as well in order to go well to the market before blew it up for good and return back to their origins working on card games and board games.Better tittles,a freaking hard drive,cheaper prices in their store at least on the retro,stronger machines,and more online features.About the 4k though i don't give a monkeys ass since at least some of us can make it without this,probably the newer generation have a problem see in the screen without it,but even in a lower resolution i can play normaly at least the few of us.

  17. Kevin Skrzyniecki says:

    Needs to be WIIU backwards compatible. it will be an incentive for us who skipped WII U to buy one.

  18. Mehdo “Golden” Jafri says:

    Game at 3:11? And video.

  19. Brandon says:

    Nitdnodo need to change stop with this stupied stuff yor your goin out of bussines soon in usa

  20. Stimpackswe says:

    Nintendo should have kept their share of Rare. There werent any game droughts when they were part of Nintendo.

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