Nintendo NX Year-One Library Better Than Wii U’s in Four Years?

Nintendo NX Year-One Library Better Than Wii U's in Four Years?

Nintendo NX Year-One Library Better Than Wii U’s in Four Years?
Nintendo NX Year-One Library Better Than Wii U's in Four Years?

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Emily Rodgers has stated that the first year of the Nintendo NX will boast a better library in year 1 than Wii U had in 4 years, is this even possible?
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  1. christian_ schep says:

    i heard it's also "possible" that the NX could be water proof and used as a life raft.

  2. gatorkea says:

    I think the NX will be a VR device, just look at that eye shaped screen from the leaks! There will be two of them one for each eye and offer super wide Field of View. Virtual Boy 2 confirmed!

  3. Trevon Boedigheimer says:


  4. Moshugaani says:

    I'm not taking Emily Rogers seriously anymore. Too incredible claims.
    And this one is so vague. It doesn't even mean anything.

  5. RetroDeath says:

    You can't possibly think this could even remotely be true?

  6. DamnYouSalazar says:

    In some ways, I always find Nintendo's backwards compatibility to make console libraries feel real big. For instance, though I had a DS last gen, I was passive about building a library on only had about a dozen games but when I got a 3DS it reinvigorated my love for handhelds, I doubled my DS library, and have acquired a 3DS library of roughly equal size. I also never owned a GameCube, however I was an launch adopter of a Wii when I was lucky enough to get my hands on one that early, and since it was BC I was quick to rush out and acquire all that I missed from the GameCube, like everything (Luigi's Mansion, Mario Golf, Strikers Charged, Baseball, Metroid Prime 1 & 2, so on). On top of what I had for the Wii, it felt sizable. So, I wonder, will the NX feel big because it's going to offer what the Wii U had and more? I mean, why port it if you can just sell last gen games through BC? Plus, that was for all that hard to find stuff on disc, since digital is big it's probably all going to be easier to acquire, it'd definitely be good for consumers to have that option. Hope the next portable finds a way to provide a digital market for DS games, such wasted potential on the 3DS.

  7. Chloe Nakahara says:

    I think bottom line beside the games if the controller is like that fake one with the full display screen face and two nobs it could hurt them! We need a traditional Gamecube style controller but you know I'm scared what it will be? more than anything!!!

  8. Rockerbeck says:

    It's all very subjective. Personally, I don't care about the rumors at all anymore. There have been way too many of those and anyone with internet access can make some up and spread them these day. They announce the NX and if there's a game I have to have but can't get anywhere else (so no, Watch Dogs 2, FF15 and other ports don't count, I got the Xbone/PS4/PC for that) I will buy it.

  9. Midna78 says:

    Lol, hundreds of games? I don't believe it at all.

  10. Oh Lewd Productions says:

    Half Life 3 will be a Steam and NX exclusive at launch FOREVER!

  11. Jarret Karlson says:

    whats your take on excitebike? can you do a forgotten franchises video, like a new punch out game, ice climbers etc etc. love your vids

  12. GILLZONE says:

    I DON'T WANT ANY GODDAMN PORTS! I don't want to play Wii U games that I've already played with slightly better graphics. That's bullshit. The NX needs its own brand new Ips, exclusives, and 3rd party exclusives. Porting Splatoon or Smash 4 to NX isn't going to make me happy one damn bit.

  13. HardTotheCore64 says:

    It's not that hard to believe. A new 3D Mario could blow the entire Wii U library out of the water imo.

  14. Xtreme.xirtam says:

    People always get excited for square enix final fantasy games but seem to forget their track record in how long it takes them to release games. We'll be lucky if we get final fantasy 7 remake by 2019…

  15. ghosthunter says:

    I hope the nintendo nx has a good line up but i don't it will have the final fantasy 7 remake or final fantasy 15 like obe1 and others are saying the system will have to sell like shit and be all the hype that people are making it out to be.

  16. Evan Harriman says:

    My ideas for NX, enjoy : )

    Two different home systems:
    1. Form Factor Console with Mini-ITX Case and AMD APU; Polaris version of R9 370 a little more powerful than PS4.
    2. Micro-ATX Nintendo Entertainment Computer with two different discrete graphics options; one being the Polaris version of R9 390, the other, R9 Fury X.

    Nintendo buys XFX or Sapphire and becomes a third-party manufacturer of AMD based GPUs. The two regular released Nintendo cards being unique enough in architecture so that other AMD cards would be unable to run Nintendo's OS. Nintendo then sells the operating system together with their graphics cards, opening up their system as the new primary platform for Windows PC Gamers, instead of being just a complimentary box where gamers go to get their nintendo fix and nothing else. The tough question is do you optimize the OS/games for intel CPUs.

  17. Sean Roussel says:

    Is that really fair to say if most of them are Wii u ports?

  18. Sammy Hernandez says:

    Hope yr 2 is jus as good. Not gna tolerate another drought

  19. ElectroSTRONG Network says:

    Please STOP taking everything Emily Rogers says as fact. There have been "leakers that got stuff right in the past" EVERY generation and they're always wrong.

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