RUMOR: A Ton Of Nintendo NX Specs Have Been Leaked

RUMOR: A Ton Of Nintendo NX Specs Have Been Leaked

RUMOR: A Ton Of Nintendo NX Specs Have Been Leaked
RUMOR: A Ton Of Nintendo NX Specs Have Been Leaked

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  1. SlenderEnder says:

    There is alot of PS4 fanboys the more you go down.

  2. Birdie McChicken says:

    Out of the 3 big console makers, Nintendo is the only one who SPECIALIZES in consoles and they've also been in the business for way longer!
    And yet, over the last 2 generations they've had the shit kicked out of them by 1. Some VCR Manufacturer they pissed off 2 decades ago and 2. A bunch of American gits who's claim to fame is a shitty PC OS.

  3. The Incredible Hulk says:

    Nintendo NX is like a your Gf telling you she's pregnant with a Baby, and you know and hate that eventually it's gonna become a reality…..

  4. Andreas Wirstam says:

    I actually think that the NX is gonna be more powerful then current gen consoles. I think that might be te real reason why both Sony and Microsoft have started talking about upgrading their hardware.

  5. ZacStrikesBack says:

    Nintendo doesn't need top of the line hardware, but it should be more powerful than a PS4, have strong 3rd party support and be just as easy to develop for as a PS4.

  6. SuperShadowMarioFan says:

    Hmmm…..I just don't know.

  7. ToaKoran says:

    I am really hoping these rumors, the majority including the one where it will just be as powerful as this generation's consoles, are false… Not because I like consoles with better graphics, that means nothing to me, but to the majority however… It's a big deal, and with what you said about Nintendo releasing consoles that never quite catch up to the competitors and just keep releasing inferior pieces consoles, I'm getting flashes of SEGA with their Sega CD addon, the 32X, and the Sega CD as it's own console, how it should have been in the first place… And then something amazing like the Dreamcast comes out, and practically no one develops software for it because no one thinks it'll sell by that point, and though it does sell units it doesn't sell enough because there's not many games on it, in addition to the lost trust of SEGA's quality.

    I am really, REALLY hoping what happened to SEGA is not the future of Nintendo, I really hope they plan ahead and make this more powerful than the PS4 and XBone, otherwise people might ignore it entirely because it will be less than what was expected/vaguely promised for the price they charge.

  8. YXBA says:

    This system better have face buttons!

  9. Jon Payne says:

    Your concern about it being the same power as the xbox one seems unfounded. The fact of the matter is they are playing catch up and they aren' t going to leap frog the competition because they have stated multiple times they are not trying to be the most expensive system. They like to be 3rd place on hardware power so that they can make profits from day one. The xbox one/PS4 are only a few years old (very young in their system lifetime). If Nintendo pulls the NX out this soon (within the next year) and it matches the current gen (xbox one) then that is a major and aggressive advancement for Nintendo. Think of it this way: You say the issue with matching current gen is that they will be out of date when the next xbox and PS5 come out. The thing is even if the NX is a 1/3rd more powerful (than xbone/PS4 -which it won't be), it will still be effectively just as out of date when the next Microsoft Sony systems ship which will be many times more powerful than that and many many years off. Getting the NX up to current power levels (and for less money since their technology is a few years old now) will get them everything they want. There is no tangible benefit in Nintendo's mind to going slightly more powerful and there is a ton of benefit in their mind to just matching the current gen at a lower cost.

  10. Alvaro Barcelo says:

    Hardly any of this sounds like something Nintendo would do, I'm still excited to see what they'll unveil this year.

  11. Aaron the flexing seahorse says:

    We, as a gaming ecosystem, do not need Nintendo to fail, we need it to do well, because if it gets dropped down to just Sony and Microsoft making hardware that would not be good; hell Microsoft might ditch consoles and have Xbox become a subdivision of pc, which if things go poorly for Nintendo could lead to PlayStation being the only console brand, and that would be very bad because they could monopolize that part of the industry and breed a sort of stagnation that could kill off consoles. So yeah…. don't fuck up Nintendo

  12. Pete Wolfinger says:

    Thinking the NX will be left behind when the new Xbox and Playstation come out is missing the point. It sounds like Nintendo is bringing all their hardware onto one OS that shares the same games. So, if they want their console to be more powerful, all they have to do is put out a new box and it should be able to play all existing NX games, every new one, and of course anything on Virtual Console. They're trying to future-proof their devices and it should help quite a bit with game drought, which I think is the biggest reason Nintendo consoles haven't sold as well as other systems.

  13. Punky Jay says:

    If you notice, Nintendo has always been one step behind since the beginning. They even claim it is a marketing strategy themselves.. not that I agree with it but atleast they are honest.

  14. Francis Dillinger says:

    I do think that the NX needs to be as powerful as possible for a $300-400 console/handheld but I disagree with your comparison to the PS4. All of the hardcore audience already own either a PS4 or an Xbox One and none of them are going to buy a Nintendo console after only a few years of owning an 8th gen console. The idea of Nintendo releasing a console to compete directly with the PS4 in 2016 is ridiculous to me. They could release a superpowerful console that easily beats the competition in terms of specs and still not sell well amongst the hardcore console audience especially now that Sony is pushing for PS4 owners to spend $400 on a PSVR instead. I think the rumors of a console handheld hybrid highlight the best path forward for Nintendo. They have the handheld market cornered and, with the PS Vita being a "failed" handheld, they would be smarts to take advantage of that to get as much of the Wii U player base on board as possible. I think Nintendo over the past couple console generations have put themselves in a difficul spot where they HAVE to do something extremely innovate and different or else doom themselves to unsuccessfully competing with consoles that already have a tight grip on the market. A console handheld hybrid is the best path forward for them and making something different and crazy enough to maybe reach the general audience (the grandpas and grandmas who bought Wiis) as well as pleasing the hardcore audience with high specs and multi-plat support is the best option they have.

  15. Sniper Melon says:

    I'm just hoping this is some trollish joke where some guy makes a list full of positive and interesting stuff about the NX and just hide ONE little bullshit thing in the list like a needle in a hay stack and when the reader finds that needle, they'll just go crazy or whatever.

  16. Arend Galenkamp says:

    but what if it is as powerfull as the xbone, but there's, when sony & microsoft put out their next consoles; you can just buy a $150 upgrade thingy for nx

  17. Scrappy1224# I'm Insane says:

    I will end up buying this system cuz I like gaming period but on par with the X1 ??? Nintendo still ain't shit

  18. Michael says:

    Nintendo should just make software, it's going to SHIT.

  19. shamory small says:

    I'm sorry but i like the gimmicks the only reason i bought an xbox one was for the kinect because it controls my tv i got the ps4 just for cod and nba2k and the wii u for for smash bros

  20. chaosknight360 says:

    Contrary to popular belief, you don't need the most powerful hardware to sell consoles. It just needs to be easiest to develop for.

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